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There is a fungus among us! Summer Caprese salad and stuffed mushrooms!

If you like stacking and stuffing things, this is the feast for you :)

Vegetarian & Dairy Free (if you would like it to be) and 2 servings per person. We'll have a bottle of wine to share but feel free to bring your own libations.

If you can try to park in visitor parking or along Willow Hill Street.

Bring your own Tupperware (for leftovers).



Founder of Feast for Days. Wishing I had the combined abilities of Thor and Barefoot Contessa.


While I'm by no means a great cook, I enjoy trying to eat healthy and attempting to make things from scratch!


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about 1 month ago

Eric Bearing LTD has enough stock for FAG 3215B bearing

Rolling bearing precision components require corresponding caution when used. Not only does it change the use of high-performance linear bearings, but if they are not used properly, they cannot achieve the expected performance test results, so the following aspects of bearings are considered:
1. Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean. Even invisible dust bearing smiles will increase Timken bearing wear, vibration and noise.
2. When using installation, do not allow strong punching carefully, do not allow the use of hammer bearings, allow direct hit by rolling pressure.
3. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools, the use of special tools, try to avoid the use of fabrics and staple fibers.
4. To prevent the corrosion of NSK bearings, directly select the bearings by hand, fully wash the sweat on your hands, and apply high-quality mineral oil before starting, especially in the rainy season and summer, pay attention to rust.
After the bearing is installed in the host, there is a measurement index called cyclic rotation accuracy. This kind of change approximately repeats that the required number of revolutions represents the "quasi-period" of the cyclic rotation accuracy, and the magnitude of the magnitude change within the quasi-cycle is large, that is, the cyclic rotation accuracy is poor.
When proper preload is applied to the bearing spindle, this can gradually increase the speed to close to the working speed to implement the "run-in" effect of the linear bearing, which can improve the cycle rotation accuracy of the spindle.

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Jade Coningham
almost 3 years ago

Summer the season of the salad and the mushrooms in the salad with tomatoes and the some garlic to have the cucumber too are elegant. For the suffering of the seasons and for the essay writing uk need too much for the salad.

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