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Adventures in Paella

Help me create a sumptous Spanish-style feast with this quick and easy paella recipie! Must love seafood and good conversation to attend. It will become a staple in your kitchen, I promise.


Chauffer, photographer, vintage retailer.


Founder of Feast for Days, interaction designer, married, former college athlete, 4th grade chess club president.


While I'm by no means a great cook, I enjoy trying to eat healthy and attempting to make things from scratch!


Former marketing professional. Now exploring everything else and embracing life along the way. Works at Feast for Days, though still confounded as to where the "On" button is on the stove.


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2 days ago

Contact us to buy FAG NU319E.TVP2 bearing

A satisfactory service life of SKF imported bearings begins with the correct selection of SKF imported bearings. From the beginning, SKF imported bearing designers have extended the service life and equipment performance of SKF imported bearings by choosing the correct SKF imported bearings for different applications. Many factors should be considered in this process, such as load, hardness, life prediction of NSK imported bearings, operating environment and so on.

Correct storage
In principle, all SKF imported bearings should be stored in their original packaging before installation. They need to stay in a clean, moisture-free, relatively constant temperature environment. Rolling imported SKF bearings should be kept away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals. Shake and vibration may permanently destroy the mechanical properties of SKF imported bearings, so vibration must be avoided during handling and storage.
Basically, all SKF imported bearings must be stored horizontally, because some heavier SKF imported bearings may be deformed due to their own weight after being placed vertically for a long time.
Pre-greased (or sealed) SKF imported bearings require special care, because the density of the grease will change after a long period of storage. In this way, when SKF imported bearings are used for the first time, there will be a certain degree of rotating noise. Therefore, the shelving time of this kind of NSK imported bearings should be controlled according to the principle of first in, first out.

Cleaning is very important for rolling SKF imported bearings. The surface roughness of the rotating surface and rolling elements of the NSK imported bearing ring is usually 1/10 μm. Such a smooth surface is very sensitive to damage caused by contaminants. The lubricating layer between the rotating surfaces is usually 0.2~1 μm. Particle-type impurities larger than the lubricant particle size will be excessively crushed by the rolling elements and generate local pressure in the SKF imported bearing steel, which will eventually lead to permanent material fatigue. In addition to this, the size of dust particles in the external environment can reach 10 μm, which can also cause damage to NSK imported bearings. Therefore, a clean and dust-free environment is very important for the storage and installation of SKF imported bearings.

Fully ready to install
   SKF imported bearings should be carefully installed and disassembled using appropriate tools. Industry experts estimate that 16% of premature SKF imported bearing failures are due to incorrect installation. For a large number of installations (such as in production equipment), the installation conditions are usually strictly controlled, and suitable SKF imported bearing installation equipment can also be used.

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7 months ago

klondike solitaire one of the world s most popular card games.

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Dominic Pannone
over 8 years ago


over 1 year ago

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